Political Media & Messaging

Political Media & Messaging

We’re Revolutionary-Rated Political Media
for candidates who think outside of the box.

R-Rated Creative approaches campaign communications a little differently. We lead with digital, building creative campaign messaging and media that informs social, print, and TV/digital advertising. We can do them all. But we start with a hook and build. No one can predict a viral hit but you can lay the groundwork. And you need a sharp, creative concept to get you there.
That’s what we do best.
We work with all types of candidates and all types of budgets. We build packages based on what you need and pool our creative resources to make it happen, even for the smallest of races. We are committed to getting progressive candidates elected from Board of Education, to County Commissioners, to State and Federal posts. And sure, maybe even President.

Politically charged.

Kyle Keyser
Director - R-Rated Creative

I was enjoying life in the California Bubble when Trump happened. Shocked (like everyone), I decided the only way I was surviving “the next 4 years” was if I was actively working against him. I hopped in my ’69 VW Westy and took the midnight highway (very slowly) back to Georgia.
My history is documentary filmmaking. I’ve always been political (I even ran once). R-Rated Creative is the intersection of those two passions.
The political paradigm is shifting in the age of social media. There’s a lot of noise. And more and more, there are many candidates in a race. Discerning who’s who isn’t a bad problem for voters to have but it can be for you. How do you stand out? This is one of the challenges R-Rated Creative meets head on.
I’m lucky to have creative friends in high places. R-Rated has an expansive network of creatives to shoot, design, edit, and produce creative political media. We’re here to work for you. Let’s create your movement and get you elected.
For an overview of our work, see the portfolio below. If you have any questions, please email me directly [kyle at rratedcreative dot com]. I certainly look forward to working with you.

R-Rated Portfolio

Our greatest hits, so far.

Non-Profit Communications

New Georgia Project • Documentary Series
As attention to Georgia politics grew on the nation stage, the New Georgia Project needed their story to be told. So we told five. Chosen by geographical location, each mini-doc shows the breadth and depth of NGP’s work. The videos were released over the course of several weeks, with a social conversation captured around each one.
R-Rated Role: Produce/Edit/Social Strategy
Executive Producer: New Georgia Project
A former board member of Planned Parenthood approached R-Rated with an idea: create a “thank you” video for the staff & leadership of PP who are fighting “the good fight” everyday. She gave us the visual of a pink lighthouse and we took it from there. Upon completion, we released the video and invited others to submit their own messages of support.
R-Rated Role: Produce/Direct/Edit
Executive Producer: Nancy Koziol
New Georgia Project Action Fund • Digital Ad Series
The New Georgia Project Action Fund wanted a closing argument for the November 2018 midterm elections and they wanted to hit hard. They gave us four topics: Guns, White Supremacy, Immigration, and MAGA. These ads were released a week before Election Day and garnered nearly a million impressions between Facebook and Instagram.
R-Rated Role: Produce/Edit
Executive Director: New Georgia Project Action Fund

R-Rated Creative has been a long-standing partner with Better Georgia, creating rapid-response, social videos to fight back at Republican leadership in Georgia. One example: a response video to a Jon Ossoff attack ad, released within 24 hours of broadcast.

R-Rated Role: Produce/Edit/Write
Executive Producer: Better Georgia


When Georgia Senator David Perdue & Donald Trump got booed out of Game 5 of the World Series, we turned a viral moment into a win for Team Tomlinson. R-Rated Creative produced a 30-second, rapid response digital ad for that shows Teresa enjoying popcorn while suggesting Georgia needed to send in a woman to clean up the mess. “The Mop-up (Wo)man” elevated Teresa’s brand as smart, sassy, and coming for Perdue’s seat without apology!
R-Rated Role: Concept/Produce/Ad Buy
Executive Producer: Teresa Tomlinson for Senate
This is how it all started. “Vote Your Ossoff” was a viral hit, capturing the political zeitgeist in a hashtag. The goal was to funnel national attention into effective voter engagement on the ground. Produced independently, #voteyourossoff started as a crowdfunding campaign, raising thousands of dollars, and ended up helping Jon Ossoff move the dial by +16 points in Newt Gingrich’s old district.
R-Rated Role: Concept/Social Strategy
Executive Producer: Better Georgia (501c4)
How do you standout in a political contest that has 17 candidates? You create a voter-centric message, repeat ad nauseam, and brand yourself. Cathy Woolard’s utilitarian, yellow shoes told the story of a woman who would walk the walk for you. The catchy hashtag didn’t hurt either. R-Rated’s creative messaging helped Cathy go from 3-4% in the polls to 17% on election night.
R-Rated Role: Concept/Branding/Video/Digital Content
Executive Producer: Friends of Cathy Woolard
Stacey Evans for Governor: “E” for Evans

With two “Staceys” in the Georgia Governor’s race, how do you get voters to remember which one you are? (While also not disparaging the other.) R-Rated created the ‘E’ for Evans campaign, creating multiple videos for digital ads: E for Education, Essential Healthcare, Electing Sanity, Endorsed By, Election Day, etc.

R-Rated Role: Concept/Video/Digital Content
Executive Producer: Friends of Stacey Evans
Kathleen Allen: Your First Choice for Congress
Kathleen Allen had a small budget and a need to standout in a field of 7 candidates. Luckily for her, she was a voter’s literal first choice on an alphabetical ballot. Her campaign slogan was born. Allen became your #firstchoice for healthcare, immigration, and Congress. Working on her small budget, we created an overall introduction video that was segmented into three digital ads, thus delivering four videos for the price of one.
R-Rated Role: Concept/Video/Digital Content
Executive Producer: Friends of Kathleen Allen

In a crowded field of 17 candidates, “Undecided” polled best. So R-Rated pounced and created the “Undecided” for Atlanta Mayor page. We personified “Undecided” and created a vehicle for original commentary, snark, and ultimately an endorsement for the candidate we wanted. The group became so popular we made up an intern to be quoted in the AJC.

R-Rated Role: Concept/Social Strategy, Management
Executive Producer: Our sense of snark.
Jen Jordan for Georgia Senate: Blooper Ad
When a shot produces a flop, make a pancake. This blooper not only helped to humanize a wicked smart candidate, it helped to promote her minimum wage message (just per hour, not minute).
R-Rated Role: Produce/Direct/Edit
Executive Producer: Friends of Jen Jordan
Alex Wan for City Council President: The Birds and the Bees

Alex Wan knew finance but did voters really know him? One thing we noticed on our first meeting is he raised chickens and bees in his backyard. Our way of warming up Alex to citywide voters was to create an introduction video that taught them about “the birds and the bees.” And thereby, Alex Wan.

R-Rated Role: Concept/Video
Executive Producer: Friends of Alex Wan